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Re: raid bosses weapons

Postby blacklegion » Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:54 am

LordJOhn wrote:
blacklegion wrote:PsyCho are u idiot or what? nothing personal, just asking, tell me WHERE HAVE YOU SEEN REPORT IN THIS POST? Because I coulden't see any?! The guy just asked nicely a question, didn't reported anything LAWL...

That's exactly the reason why he moved this from Bug Section to General Section, you stupid no-lifer retard Troll.

And u LordOfBlowjobs tell me, how the hell u understood I'm stupid "no-lifer" retarded troll kiddo? And something more, next time when u open ur stinky mouth in forum answer to somebody who writes to you, because in our country we have very good phrase about ur messing. Let me tell it to u newbie. Over there, where 2 guys are matching their d1cks don't put ur ass. I think u got it or need translator?
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