• Login Server: ONLINE
  • Game Server: ONLINE
  • High Five
  • EXP/SP - 8x
  • Drop rate - 4x
  • Spoil - 4x
  • Boss drop - 2x
  • Seal stones - 4x
  • Quest reward - 4x
Fixed wrong buffs at mage/fighter set.
Rabbit Rampage Event will end please use your Apigas, Golden Apigas. If items not consumed.. you can change later in some months when event will be again.
New Event to be added.
Master of Enchanting Event http://legacy.lineage2.com/archive/2009/06/master_of_encha.html
Auctions enabled with Dynasty weapons/armors only.
Minimum bid for weapon its 100kk and 30kk for armor parts.
Luxury shop updated: added S low weapons/armors.

This changes will take effect on next restart. probably this week.
http://legacy.lineage2.com/archive/2011/07/rabbit_rampage.html info about event can be found here.
also increased 4x chance at raid bosses.
How Can I Participate in the Event?

Speak to Puss the Cat in any town to learn more about the event. He will also trade you Nectar for seeds and Chrono weapons.

Get Nectar, which is dropped by monsters around the world. You will use the Nectar to grow Watermelons or to exchange for seeds or Chrono weapons with Puss the Cat. Nectar is tradable.
    Plant seeds into flat ground. The different kinds of seeds are:
Watermelon Seed: Purchased from Puss the Cat for 1 Nectar. Used to grow regular Watermelons. Tradable.

Honey Watermelon Seed: Purchased from Puss the Cat for 50 Nectar. Used to grow Honey Watermelons. Tradable.

Cloned Watermelon and Cloned Honey Watermelon Seeds: Dropped from monsters. Used to grow Watermelons or Honey Watermelons, respectively. Not tradable.

    Use 5 Nectar to grow a Young Watermelon or a Young Honey Watermelon into its mature state. Either type of young Watermelon must reach maturity within 3 minutes, or it withers and returns to the earth. When mature, a Watermelon or Honey Watermelon transforms into one of three different kinds of Watermelon or Honey Watermelon (respectively): Spoiled, Rain, or Large Rain.
    Smash the mature Watermelon within 1 minute and 30 seconds. You can smash a Watermelon without a special weapon. You need a Chrono weapon and help from your friends to smash a Honey Watermelon. Chrono weapons can be purchased from Puss the Cat for 10 Nectar each. Chrono weapons look and sound like musical instruments. They are tradable.
    Reap your reward from the particular smashed Watermelon!

What Are the Different Kinds of Watermelons and Their Rewards?


Young Watermelons sprout from Watermelon Seeds. If you use 5 Nectar on a Young Watermelon, it matures into one of three different kinds of regular Watermelons:

    Defective Watermelon.
    Rain Watermelon.
    Large Rain Watermelon.

These Watermelons drop only Nectar.

Honey Watermelons

Young Honey Watermelons sprout from Honey Watermelon Seeds. If you use 5 Nectar on a Young Honey Watermelon, it matures into one of three different Honey Watermelons.

    Defective Honey Watermelon.
    Rain Honey Watermelon.
    Large Rain Honey Watermelon.

Honey Watermelons can be smashed only by Chrono weapons. Honey Watermelons are hardy, and you are more likely to successfully smash a Honey Watermelon within the time limit of 1 minutes and 30 seconds by grouping up with friends.

Honey Watermelons drop greater rewards than it's nectar-bearing counterparts. Some of the rewards are rarer, depending on what kind of Honey Watermelon it can be found in.
Running Time: 01/04/2014


Large Rain Honey Watermelon
Queent Ant Ring
Baium Ring
Red/Green/Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 16/17
Giant's Codex - Mastery
Top-Grade Life Stone Level 76/80/82/84
High-Grade Life Stone Level 84
5 Greater Quick Healing Potions
Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
2 Gemstones S

Rain Honey Watermelon

Zaken Earring
Red/Green/Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 15/16
Scroll: Weapon Enchant A-grade
Scroll: Armor Enchant A-grade
Top-Grade Life Stone Level 67/70
High-Grade Life Stone Level 80/82
2 Greater Elixirs of Life - S-grade
2 Greater Elixirs of Mana - S-grade
3 Greater Quick Healing Potions
Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
Gemstone S

Defective Honey Watermelon
Red/Green/Blue Soul Crystal - Stage 14/15
Scroll: Weapon Enchant A/B-grade
Scroll: Armor Enchant A/B-grade
High-Grade Life Stone Level 67/70/76
2 Greater Elixirs of Life - A-grade
2 Greater Elixirs of Mana - A-grade
5 Greater Healing Potions
Blessed Scroll of Escape
4 Crystals - S-grade

The Game is perfect.

Server is based on retail platform Euro PTS High Five (CT2.6) (not JAVA or any other emulator) so we will have one of the best server from world without bugs without problems.. with full quests, raidboss, grandboss, events etc.

High Five (CT2.6) - L2off Euro PTS (We offer original server, tested by thousands of players. It is stable and complete. )

Server run on (GMT +2)

EXP/SP - 8x
Adena - 8x and chance 100%
Drop rate - 4x
Spoil - 4x
Boss drop - 2x
Seal stones - 4x
Quest reward - 4x

Buffer with schemes in community 1 hour buffs.

Buff Slots - 20 + 4(from divine inspiration)
Dance/Songs slot - 12
Buff time - Retail Like
Dance/songs time - Retail Like
Autoloot - on
Class Change - Can be changed in Community with adena ( available also through quests )
Subclass - Quest needed.
Noblesse - Quest needed.
Subclass max lvl 80
Enchants chance - Retail Like

OFFLINE SHOPS - setup your buy/sell shop and type .offline ( you need offline ticket , when you create a character offline ticket its added in your inventory)

All that is not described in this topic works in accordance with the official data (High Five (CT2.6))

have fun.